What’s in my bag?

I missed a day for #blogeverydayjune, but hopefully I’ll be able to get back on track now. So today I decided to write about my handbag and what I carry around in it.

The handbag is this gorgeous one which I bought from, of all places, Aldi a while ago. The makeup case came with it. I think technically it’s a makeup/toiletries bag, but makes a great handbag. I fell in love with the twenties ladies all over it, and I love the simple line drawing style too.

As you can see, this love of 1920’s imagery extends to the wallet too. I’ve had this a good few years, so it’s looking a bit worse for wear. No idea where it’s from as it was a gift.

I don’t actually wear makeup every day, usually I go without, or with just red lipstick and mascara. But I keep these in my bag just in case I get the opportunity to go out somewhere. Plus it saves searching through my makeup box for my favourites.

So my favourites at the moment are..

  • Rimmel Brow Pencil – actually it’s an old one, but I’ve linked to a new one
  • Maybelline Retractable Eyeliner – looks like they’ve stopped making the specific one I get, but I’ve linked to a new version
  • Tarte Best in Faux Mascara – this was a prize in a competition by the gorgeous The Curvy Kitty, and I love it. It’s actually really effective without much effort.
  • Max Factor Lipfinity – I adore this, I tried it for my wedding back in 2010 and haven’t used another red lipstick since!  It really does last, and does so without stickiness or drying my lips out. I wear it in So Glamorous.
  • Maybelline ColorSensational Lipliner – In red, of course.
  • Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner – I like this one because the applicator is quite easy to use when my hands aren’t as steady as they could be

Of course there are less fun items in there too. Tampons, tissues, painkillers and my phone.

Yes, my phone screen is my artwork, I am that vain!


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