#WeAreTheThey and I’ll wear tight clothing if I want to

The beautiful Debs has come up with a new plan for #WeAreTheThey, today a group of bloggers will be breaking some so-called rules for plus size women. We are wearing the kinds of things that normally the fashion industry considers forbidden territory for us larger women.

Because why should slimmer women have all the fun?

The one thing I didn’t dare go near once I’d gained weight was anything tight fitting, especially if it showed VBO (visible belly outline). However a few months ago I spotted this beautiful dress in the Primark sale, I love the texture of it and the cut. It has my absolute favourite neckline, and it’s length is perfect for my short little legs.


I feel wonderful in it, and am very glad I took a risk and defied the supposed rules.

I don’t want to be relegated to oversized baggy clothes as some kind of punishment for daring to exist outside of a narrow definition of beauty.

DSC02427 DSC02428 DSC02438 DSC02441 DSC02447 DSC02449


Now you’ve seen me looking fabulous, time to go see some other amazing bloggers, go on now..

And when you’re done with them, why not join us on Twitter and Instagram with #WeAreTheThey and break some rules yourself?

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