Tired of body positivity being just a marketing gimmick

Another day, another body positive campaign. They all start to blend in to one, lots of raving about how all women are beautiful, that they want to promote body confidence, and that they are here to break the harmful definition of beauty that the rest of the fashion industry inflicts on us. They are here to save us.

Oh how can we ever thank them enough! We are truly not worthy! Let us bow and scrape to their greatness!

Screw that.

Look, it’s quite simple really, if you are coming out with a campaign to celebrate diverse body types and sizes you actually need to follow through.

It is no good saying, “We think all bodies are beautiful and should be celebrated” and then showing off said campaign with only very similar body types!

Evans #StyleHasNoSize promo for UK Plus Size Fashion Week

Lane Bryant's promo image for #ImNoAngel

Lane Bryant's promo image for #PlusIsEqual

We might just start to suspect that you are just playing lip service to the idea that our fat bodies are acceptable in order to make money off us..

Evans #StyleHasNoSize promo tee

Lane Bryant's #ImNoAngel promo tee

Lane Bryant's #PlusIsEqual promo tee

Especially when you can’t even match up your campaign sizes to the sizes you sell your merchandise in!

Lane Bryant's #PlusIsEqual promo tee size discrepancy

Or if you write about “challenging preconceptions” and you get an opportunity to show your designs at a non-plus size event, and you decide to use models like this

Evans #fashfest model

Then you’ve just wasted an incredible opportunity to show us that you actually do believe that #stylehasnosize. How on earth are we meant to believe your heart is in the campaign (rather than your bank balance) when you do this? Do they even wear sizes that you stock? Did you have to adapt these items for them? Would it really be that horrific to put a plus size woman in your plus size brand?

Hate to break it to you, but women like that model will not be shopping in your stores, they have a whole damn high street to shop in. So what exactly do you gain from showing that your clothes suit them? Think they are going to entertain going into your fat shop?

What message is this giving to women who actually would (or do) shop with you?

I can tell you, the message is, “sorry, you are just too fat for us to want to show you wearing out clothes, but your money is just the right size”.

Make a damn effort or quit using the body positive movement as your personal cash cow.

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