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As any viewers of my blog will know by now, I started doing my Plus Size Blogger illustrations as a way to say thank you to all the incredible bloggers who have inspired me and taught me that I deserve to be happy no matter my size. I wanted to take this a step further though and give others a chance to say thank you too!

So I reached out to Georgina (She Might Be Loved) and Katt (A Curvy Cupcake) to ask if they’d be willing to collaborate with me on an online awards for those in the Plus Size scene. I chose Georgina as she’s been a huge support to me personally and is also very keen on helping out other bloggers (eg. this post on sponsored posts), and Katt because she has also been a wonderful support, and was also responsible for the #curvee hashtag when Instagram banned #curvy.

In fact, it was this by Katt that inspired the name of the awards.

Now I know the word Curvy (and by extension Curvee) is sometimes seen as problematic, as it suggests an hourglass figure, or a type of acceptable fatness. I just want to pre-empt this by saying that, in our view, all women have curves, even if just the curve of their smile. So we do not want these awards to only be about certain plus size body types.

The categories we have decided on are..

  • Best Plus Size Blogger
  • Best New Plus Size Blogger (for blogs under a year old)
  • Best Plus Size Instagram
  • Best Plus Size Twitter
  • Best Plus Size YouTube
  • Best Plus Size Model
  • Best Plus Size Activist

Nominations are now open, click on the image below to get nominating!


If you want to share this on your own website either download this image;

The Curvee Awards Nominations

Or insert this HTML code:

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Nominations will run until October the 9th.

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