My art on Redbubble, a review

Some of you may have realised I have a Redbubble store selling some of my designs on a variety of products. Of course I couldn’t sell through them without checking the quality for myself.

I am planning on selling a bag with the Plus Size Blogger portraits on it, so thought I’d give it a trial run in order to check the quality.

So here it is, as you can see I got my cropping wrong, but that’s easily rectified. The colours have come out wonderfully though, very true to how I designed them.

It’s not just a flat tote bag, it’s a box bag, so nice and roomy. As you can see it’s well made, and very sturdy. Excuse the dirt on it, I’ve been using it out and about for a few weeks now. It needs a good wash, but otherwise it’s showing no signs of wear and tear, and my bags get quite a work out thanks to all the stuff I have to lug about with two small children.

In fact, one of the reasons I love this bag is that the straps are long enough to loop around both pushchair handles. It’s become my go to bag.

It’s also fully lined, again with the same care as on the outside.

The handles are securely attached too! It feels like it should last a good while

The print quality is good too, and perfectly suited for my style of portraiture.

The bags come in three sizes, I ordered the medium bag which is 41 x 41cm. It also comes in small (33 x 33cm) and large (46 x 46cm) though.

The bloggers bag has just been uploaded to Redbubble, with more bloggers and a border so everyone retains their head (very important that), plus I  have them in a variety of other prints. Including Nancy from The Craft, Plus Size Jellyfish Woman, and the Goddess Athena.

Of course it’s not just bags, it’s also scarves, mugs, phone cases and more.

Plus, of course, prints.

One thing I will say to be aware of is that the shipping takes a while, so if you are buying a gift then buy well in advance. If you do buy anything with my designs on and post them on social media, do tag me, I’d love to see what you choose and what you think of it. I’d also love to link to any posts!

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