MoG Art plus Snapfish gifts – match made in heaven?

When the opportunity to review photo gifts from Snapfish came up, well, how could I resist? I’d been looking at getting some of my art printed to display in the house (yes, I’m that vain) and they’ve recently launched slim photo canvases, which was perfect for me. Snapfish were generous enough to let me choose two items, so I chose the slim photo canvas and the soft cover photo book in 8×8.

Delivery was fast, faster that I anticipated in fact. I ordered on a Tuesday, got it by the Saturday, so I was quite happy with that.

Now the products.

First of all the canvas, I went with one of my Debbie Harry portraits.

It looks really good! If you compare it to the original you can see the colours are really accurately reproduced.

Obviously it appears darker in the photo, but that’s due to the camera not the canvas.

Closer inspection is just as good, no bleeding of the ink, or blurriness. It’s handled the harsh lines and vivid colours really well.

I like the slim frame too, in this case it’s been quite useful as I didn’t choose an image which has much of a margin around it, so lost some of it to the sides. A thicker frame would have lost a lot more, so be aware of this if you order one too!

I have one teeny tiny niggle with this one, in that the canvas isn’t particularly high quality and feels a bit cheap. However, unless you are planning on stroking your wall art you wont notice to look at it, and at £17.99 I can forgive that. It also looks like the thicker framed canvas is a higher quality canvas, so you could always upgrade if that was important to you.

Now my favourite, I was honestly not expecting much from this. I’ve ordered photo books before and they’ve been a bit so-so, but I might just have squealed with excitement when I opened this one.

I just had to make a book up with my plus size blogger portraits, as this was just a review I didn’t bother to pay extra to fit all of my portraits in, but now I wish I had. Helpfully you can add extra pages in while you are making it up. It comes as standard with 20 pages, which is a good amount to start with.

It’s a lovely slim book, it feels incredibly professional. The binding and finish make it really lovely to hold. The pages are a lovely weight too, it feels like quality all round, and it’s only £17.99 (plus £1.49 for each two additional pages).

Again the colours are accurately reproduced, look at how well these bright blues have come out, compare (again) with the originals.

You have got quite a lot of flexibility in the layouts used, I played it safe with the same layout on each double page spread, just varying the background colours.

You have quite a range of backgrounds to choose from, I stuck with the simple studio set and just used black and white, but you could go for something more ornamental.

And the layout choices are just as varied, including layouts where you can add text.

It’s all simple drag and drop too, so even easy for beginners.

Backs to the quality though, one thing I wondered about was how they’d handle gradients. I chose this image to test it.

And while the result isn’t 100% faithful, I think it looks really good.

So in summary, I absolutely love the products I got, and would definitely order from them again. And highly recommend them!

I’m going to try and bring the book along to the next few plus size blogger meetups I go to, so you can see for yourself how it’s come out.

Plus it looks gorgeous against this bag..

*The products in this review were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own.

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