Lindy Bop and remembering mum

It’s funny what will push you out of your comfort zone, and I recently found myself prompted into buying a dress that was a little out of my zone.

I was browsing Lindy Bop – just for a change – when I spotted this cream clover print tea dress

'Juliet' Cream Clover Print Tea Dress

I’m not normally one to wear cream, and if I do it’s normally as part of an outfit which is mostly black. So, while I have previously bought light coloured dresses, they often hang in my wardrobe unworn. 

But this one was too good to pass up. You see, when my parents married, my mum wore a dress with an all over clover print. It was a very subtle pale print, utterly beautiful and handmade by one of her friends. I’m not posting a full photo, as my mum was very camera shy, and it seems kind of mean to post a full photo of her publicly when she’s not here to tell me if it’s ok. So here’s a little peek at the detail of the dress.

Wedding dress with clover print

It’s difficult to make out the clovers in this photo, but I remember sitting on my mum’s bed and admiring them with her. 

It seemed somehow right to buy this Lindy Bop dress, I’m always happy to be reminded of mum in small ways. 

I was a little nervous of it arriving, what if it looked awful on? What if I felt too self conscious in it? 

I needn’t have worried, the dress arrived and I adored it at first glance. Not only is the print gorgeous.

But the fit is lovely, I bought it in a size 20 – I normally find that I can get away with an 18 for some Lindy Bop dresses, mostly the Audreys, but due to the belly I often find 20’s a safer bet in their other styles. 

I loved the fit of it, even if it did mean a bit of VBO, because it fit perfectly everywhere else. 

The length was exactly where I needed it, and the material itself hangs beautifully. It’s thick enough to give a nice shape, but wasn’t too warm on a sunny day. It felt extremely comfortable, and I didn’t feel like I needed to keep adjusting it. 

This is definitely going to get a lot of wear, and it’s always going to give me a little smile when I put it on.

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