I told you so

This is going to be a slightly childish post, I’d apologise but I’m not really sorry. Some of you may have seen my previous posts about social services (pt 2), well here is the update, there’s a fair bit to go through.

Last thing I wrote about was how they’d been plotting my daughter’s weight wrong due to not taking into account her prematurity, and the paediatrician had sent over the correct information to Social Services along with a letter saying he had no concerns about her weight at all.

SS, perhaps unsurprisingly, decided to totally ignore the opinions of the medical expert – the specialist in preemies – in favour of the opinion of the health visitor. The same health visitor who thought “stable weight” could also mean “lost weight”.

So we ended up having to agree to go to these “voluntary” child in need meetings, and these were just as frustrating as expected.

Every meeting involved going round in the same circles. We’d point out that the paediatrician had no concerns, they’d say they were still concerned and wanted to talk to him, we’d say they should go ahead, they’d ask if we had any concerns (bearing in mind the previous health visitor had already tried to make out that I didn’t care about my daughter’s health, this always set alarm bells ringing), we’d reply that we would love her to gain weight but that we were reassured by the paediatricians’s lack of concern, and round we go again. And of course at every meeting it would turn out that they hadn’t contacted the paediatrician.

We gave them a food diary without being asked to provide it, it detailed everything that our daughter ate. We got told that she ate too much – though we strongly suspect what they actually meant was “we think you’ve made this up”.

We let them come round to check how she ate, the nursery she goes to told them how well she ate, our relatives told them how well she ate.

Then, at the last meeting, we were told that they wanted her to have a Section 47 Medical Assessment. Just to make this clear, this is an assessment normally reserved for children who they suspect are being neglected, abused or otherwise mistreated. And they wanted our daughter to go.

We had no choice, either we agreed or they did it without our consent. So we agreed.

Today was the assessment, to say we were concerned would be an understatement. We knew our daughter was fed and at no risk from us, but you can’t help worry that you aren’t going to be believed, we hadn’t been so far.

We arrive and the doctor weighs our daughter, measures her height, and then measures my height (I’m half an inch taller than I thought – 4ft 10 and a half!) and my husbands height. I’m short, my husband is short, both our parents are short, basically our family comprises of Hobbits but with slightly less hairy feet.

Then he asks for our medical history.

Turns out that our daughter’s weight is proportionate to her height. Not only that, but heightwise she is taller for her age than either me or her dad. My daughter is basically a giant compared to us, she has a long future of reaching things from the higher shelves for us to look forward to.

The doctor has absolutely no concerns whatsoever about her weight. She is small. Because her family is small. Something that we’ve been saying since all this shit started.

It took so much willpower not to chant, “I told you so, I told you so”

I held back, so now, here is my mood in gif form..


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  1. How I wish I could take a running jump towards your social worker and kick them so hard in the baby makers they can taste the mud on my boots. It’s amazing how you’ve gone through all of this without losing your sanity. xxx

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