#GE2015, #greenwhitepurple and the women’s vote

If you’ve been living in a cave and have somehow missed it all, today is the UK General Election, so I went out and cast my vote today.

Did you know that at the last general election 9.1m women didn’t vote? And in the last five years women have been disproportionately hit by the austerity cuts? So today, to draw attention to the work of the suffragettes who fought so hard for our right to vote, who suffered so much so that we wouldn’t be at the mercy of politicians without a voice, I’ve decided that today I will be wearing the suffragette colours. Green, white and purple.


So here is my outfit, the dress is a Lady V London day dress, sadly no longer available. It’s not quite white, but it turns out I have zero white items in my wardrobe. Just can’t escape that goth side of me. It needs a bit of an iron, but I will say it is one of my absolute favourite dresses, it is just the right length, lovely material and a beautiful print. I love the neckline especially and think it is very flattering around the chest.

I haven’t actually tried it with a petticoat yet, but it’s a lovely skirt so imagine it’d look beautiful. Here’s one of their current day dresses that I love.

Here’s a close up of the pattern and my Bete Noire necklace.

I wore it with this purple scarf that I’ve had for years and years, and these green tights which I bought off Ebay for a Poison Ivy costume a few years back.


They are actually more green than they look in this picture.

I’ve always been wary of coloured tights, but actually I love these and will be investing in more colourful tights.

I’m not the only blogger doing the #greenwhitepurple challenge though, go check out these wonderful women..


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And don’t forget to check the hashtag #greenwhitepurple on Instagram and Twitter for more outfits.

Here’s a few I’ve spotted already

One thought on “#GE2015, #greenwhitepurple and the women’s vote

  1. I absolutely love this idea – all of you look absolutely wonderful! So many beautiful dresses and I love the idea behind it. xpx

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