Garden Glamour with Lindy Bop

I have been awful at keeping the blog updated, I got a bit carried away with the illustrations and neglected my blogging. If I suddenly go quiet here again, check my Instagram, I’m probably drawing non stop instead!

Anyway, a few months ago I bought this gorgeous dress from Lindy Bop, it was in stock far too briefly and I ended up emailing them asking if they knew when they’d get it in again. I wanted it for Curvy Con and just didn’t want to settle for anything else. They were wonderful and found me the last one in stock! I’ve been meaning to write a review of it, but just haven’t got the accessories quite right until now.

Last week I gave in and bought a floral crown from Primark, I’d been putting off buying one as I thought it might not suit me, but I love it and it goes so well with this dress.

I’ve also added a bloom from our garden to the crown, it’s a beautiful Mallow flower called a Mystic Merlin. They started blooming a couple of days ago, and I absolutely adore them.

The dress is one of Lindy Bop’s Audrey dresses, I’ve wanted one a while, but haven’t been able to decide which. This “Wild Garden” print was love at first sight though.

Audrey “Wild Garden” – £29.99

It goes up to a size 26, I bought it in a 20, though I now think I could have got away with an 18. Normally I have to size up in vintage style dresses, so this was unexpected.

It fits really nicely, though it suffers the same problems as any dresses I buy, none of them are cut for someone who is 4ft 10. Which is fine, it’d be nice to have it cut for me, but I’m not expecting it. The main problem is that the bodice is a little bit longer than is flattering, but it’s easily solved by folding it and then wearing a wide belt over the top.

When my hands aren’t playing up so much I’m going to add a few stitches just to smooth it a little, but for now that technique is working.

The skirt length is good for me too, once I’ve folded the waistband it is just where I want it, just enough to give a sneaky peek of the beautiful red petticoat.

The petticoat is also Lindy Bop, and I am impressed with it. It a good full petticoat, which looks wonderful peeking out of the bottom of the skirt, and it’s not too heavy so it was really comfortable in the heat. They don’t seem to have the red ones in stock right now, but have lots of other beautiful colours. I bought the 26″ one as recommended and it’s perfect.

Of course the best bit about the dress is that gorgeous print. I love that it’s on a black background, because it just makes the colours look so vivid. The fabric is a lovely satin finish, so it feels very indulgent to wear.

It is definitely one of my favourite dresses to wear now, and highly recommend it.

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