Disappointment in Matalan

I was near a Matalan, and heard they had some cute stuff in right now, so thought I’d go find out for myself. I’d seen on their site that they do larger sizes, so figured I’d be on to a winner. How wrong was I?

There were a few items I was after in particular, first on my list was a pair of shorts. I specifically wanted knee length as I knew on me they’d be more like cropped trousers. So I was thrilled when I spotted these..

Denim Bermuda Shorts
Denim Bermuda Shorts £14

The picture doesn’t actually do them justice. They were lovely, but none above a size 16.

Ok, I think, maybe they’ll have my size in other items.

But no matter which item I picked there was nothing above a size 16.

I even gave in and tried a size 16 in this jumpsuit.

V Neck Jumpsuit
V Neck Jumpsuit reduced to £10

I was hoping the elasticated waist would be forgiving, but it was just slightly too tight to be flattering, it needed more drape.

Now, I know from their website that they do stock over that, but the only 18+ sizes I could find were in their pitifully small plus size section. Which was full of all the usual plus size fare. Huge voluminous, unflattering, unfashionable tent-like creations.

The section was so small I walked past it twice before spotting it!

There were so many things I’d have bought from Matalan today, but I couldn’t because my size wasn’t catered to. I even put down accessories I was going to buy because I was so disappointed.

I’m torn now, while I now know that I could order those clothes online, I am so frustrated with not being able to try them on in store I no longer want to give my custom to them.

There were two full racks of that jumpsuit for example, multiples of every single size from 8 to 16. They could have squeezed a couple of bigger sizes on there. While I know that stores often only get in a handful of the outlying sizes and they sell out quickly, I am finding it a little hard to believe that every item I looked at just happened to have sold out in the bigger sizes.

Is this normal Matalan? Do you keep your bigger sizes online only? Do you not want fatties money?

3 thoughts on “Disappointment in Matalan

  1. How very disappointing! I’m not a massive fan of Matalan, as even their Rogers + Rogers selections are pitiful, and poorly sized! I was actually going to pop I this weekend, but after reading your fabulous post, I won’t bother! Xx

    1. The Rogers + Rogers stuff is horrible isn’t it? But they have some absolutely lovely straight size items, just gutting that they don’t think us plus size women deserve them.

  2. Not been in matalan for a few years & this is why. Went in maybe 3 or 4 times looking for things I’d seen in a mags,but could never find my size. Always only up to a 16 on shop floor. So, I just crossed them off my list.

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