Customised floral hair accessory from Rosadior

A few weeks ago, with my cousin’s wedding fast approaching, I decided to treat myself to a custom hair accessory from Rosadior. I knew what dress I was wearing for the wedding, and thought a floral piece would compliment it perfectly.

I planned to wear the Wild Garden print Audrey dress by Lindy Bop (yes, again, I know I’m obsessed) with it’s beautiful vibrant flowers all over it.

So I approached Sam at Rosadior to create something special.

I told her what I was looking for, she asked me a few questions, and then she presented me with three beautiful designs to choose from. It was hard to decide, but eventually I settled on one and waited for it to arrive.

I didn’t have to wait long at all, and then this gorgeous box was delivered.

It already felt very special, just look at the graphics on that sticker.

It felt like I was playing a luxurious game of pass the parcel, but it’s mine, all mine!

And there was my beautiful floral hair accessory!

We’d gone for pink and yellow to compliment the dress, and I absolutely love the flowers chosen.

The size is also perfect, I didn’t want to go for something too huge, but I also wanted it to work if I kept my hair quite simple.

I didn’t get many photos of me on the day of the wedding, it wasn’t about me after all, but here is one of the few.

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