Bikini Bravery

You’ve probably seen it before, when a plus size woman wears something revealing like a bikini, they are told they are “brave” or “daring”. On the surface this seems like a sensible statement, there’s so much stigma attached to being plus size and wearing any clothes, let alone revealing ones. We are taught to be ashamed, scared of being seen, scared of being judged.

Here’s the thing though, it isn’t, and shouldn’t be, seen as a brave act.

While it is a big deal to go against those beauty norms, and risk the judgement and comments, it is not something that should be seen as a brave thing to do by others. Because by seeing it as daring, they are saying that a plus size woman in a bikini is a dangerous and scary choice.

Jessica Kane says it really well.

So it got me thinking…

When would wearing a plus size bikini be brave…?

Tess Holliday - Brave to wear a plus size bikini if it is electrified
Illustration based on Tess Holliday
Danielle Vanier - Brave to wear a plus size bikini if it's made of killer bees
Illustration based on Danielle Vanier
Cardiffornia Gurl - Brave to wear a plus size bikini if it's radioactive
Illustration based on Cardiffornia Gurl
Daisy Says - Brave to wear a plus size bikini if it's made of eucalyptus leaves and you're hunted by mutant koalas
Illustration based on Daisy Says

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