I’m Kat or Mog, I answer to both.

I’m a plus size vintage and retro fashion lover.

I’m an arty type with a passion for sewing and craft.

I’m a Pagan mother to two.

I’m a disabled spoonie and feminist.

You’ll find all sorts on my blog, it’s both a space for rants about politics, more personal blog posts, awareness raising posts and, of course, my artwork.

Expect to see written posts about feminism, disability (mostly invisible disabilities), prem babies, mental health and parenting. This isn’t all I’ll blog about, but they tend to be recurrent themes.

I started blogging in 2013 just as something to do, I liked having a space to write out my thoughts and refine my thinking. It turned out that over time I devoted more time to writing in order to raise awareness, whether it was about the debilitating effect of hyperemesis gravidarum, the massive emotional toll of having a premature baby, or the fear and stigma associated with invisible disabilities.

From there I started to comment on news and events, things like plans for an ISP filter, and the shooting in Isla Vista.

Originally I planned to run a separate account for things I thought were too frivolous to be bundled in with discussions about rape culture and politics, eg. my artwork and fashion/beauty pieces. However I came to realise that while these things were, in some ways, softer subjects they were also dictated by larger issues like disability and gender/body politics. So had their place here too, and in March 2015 I began posting as a plus size blogger and illustrator.

Now my blog is the ultimate expression of me, it’s also been a massive driving force in improving my self esteem – knowing that my writing, my art and my self are all appreciated has been life changing.

For the future I hope to use the fashion side of the blog in order to discuss the difficulties specific to those of us with disabilities. Eg. talking about products that are easier to use when in pain.

I can also be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

To contact me email me on kathryn.mallow@gmail.com

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