If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll have seen this already. There is a hashtag about Ableist speech and attitudes, it’s full of quotes that have been said to disabled people, as well as more generalised examples of how disabled people are treated.

Mostly it’s microaggressions, those little comments and actions which add up.

I’ve added some of my favouritesto a Storify, it’s a long one, because there were too many fantastic tweets to narrow it down. Though as some other pointed out on Twitter, if the hashtag feels overwhelming then it’s a pretty accurate representation of what the average disabled person deals with on a regular basis.

Whether it’s comments from health professionals, well meaning relatives, or unhelpful workplaces, it all adds up. For many of us we even internalise some of these messages. For example, if you are constantly questioned on whether you are really in “that much pain”, after a while you start to question yourself as well. Which often leads to harm because you push yourself beyond your capabilities, and (contrary to popular belief) pushing through the pain rarely works out well.

So please, have a read. Even better if you could share it!

If you are able bodied then we do need your help, it’s all very well us sharing these things, our timelines are used to disability awareness stuff. And, I’d hope, our timelines are full of people who are sympathetic! We need to reach those who aren’t aware, those who make these comments, who just cannot see the barriers placed in front of the disabled. Please help us reach them.

#TheAbleistScript Storify

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