Today is World Goth Day, so thought I’d do a bit of an explanation of why I have a goth username even though I don’t tend to dress particularly goth, and because my influences have been on my mind since finding out they want to remake The Craft (nooooooooo!) I thought I’d cover that too, along with some old photos of me.

Meet young Kat, when I was younger I lived primarily in white and blues, with maybe some cream thrown in for good measure. We weren’t long into the 90’s and so some of the horror of late 80’s fashion remained, mostly my wardrobe was still being chosen in collaboration with my mum.

No sign of any future gothiness there.. well.. maybe a little bit..

As I got a bit older I started to go and buy my own clothes, I also insisted on cutting my hair really short. I went through quite a phase of dressing in a very boyish way, and was in fact often mistaken for a boy.

I owned so much camo! Blue camo, green camo, brown camo.. It was all about the jeans, tshirts and platform trainers at that point (thank you Spice Girls for that trend), but my wardrobe was starting to gain more and more black. I was about 12 at this point, in a new school, and it was the mid-90’s.

The Craft came out that year, and I loved Nancy! My friends at school started to nickname me Nancy because they thought I looked like her, especially once I discovered makeup! I was all about the kohl lined eyes and dark lipsticks, my clothing.. well let’s just say the picture below pretty much summed up my wardrobe. I had a real thing for mesh tops and black blouses, Nancy really was inspirational to me. Oh and those glasses she’s wearing? I had a similar pair. The Craft wasn’t just a great film, it was also a look book for me.

The soundtrack was a revelation too, how could I not love tracks like Dangerous Type by Letters to Cleo?

At that point I was spoilt for female artists to be inspired by, so many wonderful Britpop bands were female fronted!

I wanted hair like Saffron from Republica

I wanted makeup like Shirley Manson from Garbage

Dress like Louise Wener from Sleeper

It was around 1999 that I really started to form lasting favourites though, I’d just been introduced to Inkubus Sukkubus and the internet! Suddenly I had access to all these amazing bands who I’d never heard on the radio, and my playlists were stuffed full of Inkubus SukkubusSisters Of Mercy, Bauhaus, Siouxsie Sioux and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry.

The millennium brought a whole new way of dressing into my life. I was 16 and starting to find my own style, I had loads of fun experimenting with different looks even if they weren’t the most flattering.

After that I had more and more fun, especially once I discovered deathrock..

[flickr_tags tags=”retrospectivemog”]

Then I discovered a more vintagey, pinup look, which started off with mostly black clothing, my one concession to colour was the red lipstick.

[flickr_tags tags=”pinuppastmog”]

Sometimes I miss the more over the top goth look, but it was actually often more work than the pin up look is. I do still have small nods to it though, whether it’s my weakness for hallowe’en earrings all year round, or a tendency to choose black over all other colours.

Even if I don’t dress up goth so much anymore, I’ve still got plenty of time for the music. So I leave you with this..

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