I was incredibly lucky the other week to win a competition by Chloe Pierre to go, as her guest, to the Evans #stylehasnosize launch party. I’d entered thinking I stood no chance, so had to read the email from her three times before I believed it!

I am so glad I did, Chloe is just the sweetest and she is stunning! Even in simple jeans and t-shirt she looked flawless. I mean just look at this picture of her!

© Chloe Pierre
© Chloe Pierre

Doesn’t she look like a rock star or movie star?

The event was at the Sanderson Hotel, which is just the perfect venue, it is so beautiful even the elevators are a work of art!

I absolutely adored the lips sofa as you come in the front entrance, and just had to have a photo taken on it.

© Chloe Pierre
© Chloe Pierre

The point of the launch was for Evans to get the message out there that style has no size, that being larger doesn’t mean you can’t wear the latest fashion or that you have to play it safe. You can wear the edgier stuff.

If you haven’t seen it already they had a catwalk show at London Fashion Week which showcased their Design Collective collection. Which is a collaboration between Evans (with their knowledge of fitting for plus size women) and a variety of designers, it’s resulted in a whole load of clothes that you wouldn’t traditionally see being sold to plus size women. Have a look here.

They’d gathered together a whole load of bloggers and fashion people to celebrate the launch of this new campaign. And then there was me. I have to say I was a little overwhelmed by it all, I was surrounded by all these amazing women who I’d been in awe of for a little while. Luckily there were a few familiar faces, like the gorgeous Betty Pamper and Becky. I also got to meet a few people I’d spoken to online, such as Diana (who I nominated for a Liebster Award) and Rivkie from SLiNK Magazine. And a lot of new people too, Rosie and Michaela are lovely!

There were also some bloggers who I’m sure are sweet and totally approachable but I got a bit shy, so just admired from afar.

The evening was great, we got our nails done, took silly photos, broke the photo booth (oops) and chatted.

I am looking forward to buying a #stylehasnosize t-shirt, especially knowing that every sale will mean a donation to The Rainbow Trust. Body positive and helping ill children? How could you not support this?!

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