I’ve spoken about my daughter before, mostly about her birth and time in special care. So I thought I’d do a more positive post, and I wanted to share my excitement about some of the clothes that are out in Sainsburys now.

I am not being paid by Sainsburys, nor am I getting any freebies (more’s the pity), but I went into their store the other day and had to contain my squeals of excitement. It turns out that I find looking at clothes for my kids even more exciting than looking at clothes for me.

My daughter is this fearless, cheerful, extroverted kid and I just love to put her in clothes that suit that. I’m just not a fan of soft, gentle pastels on her, she’s too full of life for such sedate colours. I love her in bright oranges and yellows, or neon pinks and purple, bright green and blue are great too, but it’s harder to get non-muted versions of those colours.

Now, I was going to use this space to link to some great product photos that Sainsburys had put on their website plus prices and a link to buy them yourself, but well.. apparently Sainsburys don’t put their full range online! Which I have to say is making me less inclined to buy any of this pieces due to it not being a very disability friendly way of doing things.

Anyway, here are some low res photos I took to remind myself which items to feature, along with no further information because I took it for granted that a massive store would actually make use of the internet.

This was the first thing to catch my eye, the design is lovely and summery and who doesn’t love flamingo motifs?! It looks lovely and cool for when the summer finally arrives here, and should look adorable with some bright leggings or tights. I can see that they’ve paired it with coral pink leggings here, but I think yellow would really look spectacularly cheerful!

Another flamingo motif, this one is in the older girls range, so my daughter is quite a long way from fitting into it. It’s cute, not quite as cute as the last one though.

I love the pattern on this dress, seems somehow appropriate given the weather we’ve had recently! I don’t like the cut of it so much as I prefer dresses that give a little more cover, as my daughter has struggled to put on weight and still gets cold very easily. Hopefully by the end of the summer though she’ll be wearing dresses more like this without problem.

Saying that, if she wasn’t, they also have a t-shirt with the same print on it. The stripey top that comes with it is pretty cute too.

I was unsure of this one, it’s cute but the print feels very subdued after the vibrancy of many of the other designs. I like the quite traditional style of it though, so that’s a plus.

You’ll sense a theme now, I’m really really liking the watermelon motif, the red top with the watermelons at the front is cute, but just look at the white one at the back! That’s adorable, I want that in adult sizes!

I’m not sure about the pale pink on the neck and sleeves, I feel like this one suffers from, “that’s a lot of blue, best make sure people know it’s for girls” syndrome. The pink feels unnecessary. However the design is lovely. Very sweet and playful.

Along with the flamingo dress this is one of my favourites, the fruity shorts are gorgeous. Here the pale pink works well, it’s a great canvas for the characters, and these shorts look comfy and practical. And could be paired with a plain t-shirt in just about any bright colour! Then you just cannot go wrong with polka dot with the other pair of shorts.

While most of the boys stuff was uninspiring I did find a few gems, like this incredible shirt! The colours are so vivid and beautiful, and I love the illustrations of the grinning dinosaurs, so much fun and felt like it should be nice and cool in summer. I knew exactly what I wanted to pair it with too.

I’m always on the look out for brightly coloured trousers and shorts for my son, it’s quite hard to find anything in boys ranges in colours other than grey, brown, khaki and blue denim. Which is just so dull! But these are excellent, and I know my son would love them, he’s just got to an age where he wants to pick out his own clothes and he consistently chooses the brighter colours. Keeping fingers crossed they’ll bring out more colours for these shorts.

I love the pattern on this, though wish they’d chosen a brighter pink because it is a bit too subtle unless you get close to it. I know my son would go wild for the pink car on the t-shirt though!

So there we go, some lovely bright, cheerful prints being used this summer. I want to dress my kids head to toe in these, but Sainsburys are really letting themselves down without an online sales presence. Now what do I buy first…

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