Rock Star in Wingz

I have, very generously, been sent these Wingz to review. If you haven’t heard of them before they are a solution for when you are wearing something sleeveless but wish it had sleeves. Simple but effective.

I chose to review the three quarter length stretch fitted Wingz.

One of the reasons people may choose Wingz is because of not liking how their arms look, as can be seen from the Plus Size Promise challenge this is something which quite a lot of plus size women share.

I am actually not all that fussed about my arms being on show, but these appeal to me for a different reason.

I do not really like buying (or wearing) cardigans or jumpers. I also prefer to buy sleeveless tops, mostly because I don’t like the idea of long sleeve tops just lounging in my wardrobe in the Summer. In the Winter I tend to wear long sleeve tops underneath, but when it gets a bit warmer and still isn’t quite warm enough for sleeveless then I’m a bit stumped. When I was younger I used to cut the feet and crotch off tights and wear them as a makeshift top. Which works brilliantly when you are rocking a goth/punk look, but that doesn’t go with everything and they fall apart rapidly.

So Wingz appealed to me, they aren’t a full top, in fact in terms of fit they are very like my old tights tops. Except less laddered and liable to tear.

As you can see from this not hugely flattering photo, they go under the bra and up over your arms. It means you aren’t restricted with necklines.

The back is the same, so you can wear quite low backs. Very versatile.

I decided to wear them with this skull top as it is very tight fitting, and I wanted to see if it was obvious through tight clothing.

I cannot spot the line of it at all, so very happy with that.

They were a comfortable fit and seemed well made, I quickly forgot I was actually wearing anything more than a single top. I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable or restricted, even when flailing around.

I have one minor thing I would change with them though, and that’s more a personal preference. The waistband is elasticated and you just lift it over your head, very simple idea and it makes a lot of sense. The only issue for me is that when my back is bad I find that quite a difficult manoeuvre so would really appreciate a front fastening version. But this doesn’t detract from the product at all.

I’m glad I choose the three quarter length as it will go with almost anything in my wardrobe, and is my favourite sleeve length. They actually end just where I like them, which is unusual for my short arms.

Their other designs look good too, I’m thinking of buying myself a pair of chiffon flair Wingz as I think they might look good being worn just off the shoulder. Definitely one to try in the future.

All in all I’m very happy with them, and suspect they are going to see a lot of use. At £15.99 as well they aren’t bank breakers, and will give extra use to many of the clothes in my wardrobe.

Even suitable for when you are making a total prat of yourself…

Or turning into a zombie…

4 thoughts on “Rock Star in Wingz

  1. I love the idea of these, I used to make something similar back in my uber goth days. I’m not overly shy about my arms but some times wearing cardigans over a pretty dress ruins the whole look! I might consider getting myself a pair or two :3

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