Plus Size Promise

After seeing this fantastic video by A Curvy Cupcake, Debz  decided to set a few of us a challenge to make ourselves our own Plus Size Promises.

First, watch the video though! She’s an absolute star!

So here are my Plus Size Promises..

1. I will not dress to look slimmer

Or at least, that will not be my primary aim. It’s ok if I’m wearing something that doesn’t slim down my arms or hide my belly, those parts of me exist, I cannot make them disappear nor should I try to. I should dress in what makes me feel good, especially if it shows off my actual body shape.

2. I will try bolder brighter colours

This one is especially important after trying on brighter colours at Simply Be in Oxford Street and discovering I looked good in them. Now I need to try and avoid falling in to the trap of still sticking to safe colours.

3. I will compliment myself

I’m going to make a concerted effort to look in the mirror and pick out the things I like, not the things I don’t. And for every one thing I am feeling negative about I have to find two things to feel positive about.

4. I will focus on what my body can do, not what it can’t

This is something I have a real problem with thanks to the joint pain, but I’ve wasted my 20’s on not doing things, I want my 30’s and onwards to be about what I can do. Even if it’s not all that much, it’s still something to be celebrated.

5. I will treat my body well

This last 6 years I haven’t so much as lived in my body as tolerated it. Where I used to enjoy pampering my body, I was too angry with it to want to, instead I wanted to punish it. Now I will make sure to do simple things like moisturise, because I deserve it. My body deserves it.

Have a look at the promises other bloggers are making to themselves, and think about making some yourself. You’re worth it you know?

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11 thoughts on “Plus Size Promise

    1. I was happy, but for a long long time I hated that photo because it wasn’t slimming, which was silly of me.

      I think a few people have promised to show their arms more, so you can all support and encourage each other. I did go through a period of wanting to hide my arms, and it just meant I was always uncomfortable in the summer.


  1. Some great photographs and I love the photo you took in SimplyBe. That colour looks gorgeous on you! I am having a foray back into black, but this time not to hide in it, but to enjoy the fact that black looks great on, as can be seen from your pics! x

    1. That’s it isn’t it? There’s a real difference in wearing black because it looks good (says the goth) and just wearing it to hide in. There’s a few items in my wardrobe I own because they are safe in black rather than look good in black.

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