Second go at an OOTD post, this is one of my favourite items of clothing to wear. It was one I took a bit of a chance on a while ago, and have worn it a lot since then.

DSC01428 It’s a tunic top from Evans, but as I’m only 4ft 10 (as I said in the last OOTD post) it actually looks more like a short dress on me, which is perfect. It is slightly too short to go without leggings underneath, so again I’ve gone for my trusty black leggings. One day I will step away from my goth safety net of black, but it’s not quite today. It’s actually quite flattering without the belt, but I liked the look of it with the belt today. I have no idea where the belt is from, and this is the first time I’ve worn it and liked how it looked. Normally I find it is too thick a belt, but I think the contrast with the bright fabric makes it work. Talking about the fabric, it’s a wonderful texture to the fabric. Feels very soft, and pleasant to the touch. The fabric is also quite a good weight, so it holds it’s shape without being too stiff. Means it gives a nice smooth shape without feeling too formal or tailored. DSC01445   I do feel very comfortable and confident in this dress, and I just can’t help but feel cheerful in something this bright. It definitely makes me want to add more bright colours to my wardrobe. DSC01438

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