OOTD: Not your usual princess t-shirt

For those of you who’ve previously read my blog, this post is a bit of a change of pace.

I’ve found my weight hard for a variety of reasons, as I’ve previously blogged about (TW on that link), and now I know my health problems are definitely not going away I need to find a way to live with my body. And hopefully learn to love it.

While from a feminist point of view focusing on fashion seems a little  misguided, it seems to help me so that is a focus now. Plus I know seeing other plus size beauty bloggers – especially those with similar body shapes to my own – has helped give me a little more self confidence. And if I can pass it on, I would like to.

Anyway, on to my outfit today.


I’m never quite sure of this skirt, it’s the Peggy circle skirt by Lindy Bop. It’s well made, good quality material, and looks amazing on basically anyone else I’ve seen wearing it. Problem is, it’s 28″ and I’m only 4ft 10, so it’s longer than I think would be most flattering on me. I can never decide whether to take it up though, as as this length I can get petticoats to fit under it. I just haven’t got around to buying one yet though, the only petticoat I do have is too short. Maybe I’ll love it more then.

Either way, I do find the fit is perfect, if not the length.

Decided to pair it with a Primark t-shirt, which I don’t imagine they do anymore – it was bought a little while ago. And an elasticated belt, to try and give me more of an hourglass shape without resorting to shapewear. Much as I actually like how shapewear looks and feels, it is not easy to get in and out of with all my joint pain.

The shoes are the newest item, you can’t see them too clearly, but they are from New Look and are a size 2! I love them for doing shoes that small that aren’t kiddie ones.

I’m actually wearing fleece lined Primark leggings under the skirt, due to it being a little bit chilly this morning. Maybe not the kind of thing you’d normally wear with a circle skirt, but the length of the skirt meant it wasn’t so glaringly obvious.


I plan to do more of these, in the future I’m going to try and do them in the morning, instead of after a day of running around after two little monsters and with limited spoons left.

3 thoughts on “OOTD: Not your usual princess t-shirt

  1. OMG! I’ve actually found someone shorter than me! We should be BFFS 🙂 I’m 4’11”.
    I love this outfit, and especially the last pic, you have a beautiful smile!

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