OOTD: Feeling oh so chic

I am ecstatic with today’s outfit. It’s my birthday in a week and as a birthday treat my husband sent me out on a shopping trip. So I went and splashed out!

I am quite impressed with my little haul, so thought I’d start with my absolute favourite purchases.



Starting at the very top.

The hat was in Primark for the grand amount of £4! I have a real weakness for hats, always have done. I used to get referred to as “the girl with the hats”, but my collection has slowly reduced over the years. So this just screamed at me.


The necklace used to belong to my mum, and I don’t wear it often, but just went so well with the neckline of the top.

The top was another Primark find, I’ve wanted a Bardot neckline top for ages. The neckline doesn’t show so well in this photo, but you can see it slightly better here.



I went for this in a size 18, but feel I could have gone for a 20 and got a more off the shoulder look. I may well do so, but I wanted something tight fitting around the bust and waist this time. This cost £5, and they had them in a variety of colours. I also went for a red and white striped version, I wanted the black and white version but unfortunately they didn’t have my size in stock when I was there. The pink version looked stunning, but I didn’t want to come back with just identical tops in different colours so had to leave that one on the peg. I’m sure I’ll get back for it eventually.

It’s a comfortable fit, and the material feels nice and soft, higher quality than the price tag might suggest. I do find the sleeves ride up throughout the day, but that’s to be expected with larger upper arms, and they do sell a long sleeve version.

The belt is the same one I wore in my last OOTD, somehow it’s becoming a bit of a stable despite languishing in my wardrobe for what may well have been years.

The skirt though.. oh the skirt!

This is from Yours clothing, and I’m just utterly in love with it. It’s perfect in every way.

Black & White Colour Block Skirt from Yours Clothing

I will admit, if I’d been shopping online I would have scrolled right past it, and almost walked past it in store. But I was looking for a skirt about that length so figured I had nothing to lose trying it on. I may have spent a good while in the fitting rooms twirling about to my daughter’s amusement (she was sat in her buggy giggling at me).

The fabric is quite thick, but soft with it. It means it holds it shape without being rigid, and gives a lovely shape.

It’s an elasticated waistband, so no fiddly clasps or zips, which is a big thumbs up from me. I can wear this even when my hands are playing up. It’s quite a thick waistband too, so you don’t get any unflattering bunching. It looked just as good without the belt!

It’s the perfect length for me when worn quite high up on the waist, but the elasticated waistband means you could wear it lower down if you felt more comfortable like that.

I think this could be quite a versatile skirt, and I’m looking forward to trying out different looks with it. But I think I’m going to struggle to beat this one, it makes me feel a bit Parisian in my head, and I’m picturing myself looking like this illustration from Malika Favre.



Evidently my figure is nothing like these, but even looking at the photos, I still feel very chic and stylish.

It also comes in bright and pale pink, and now I’m wondering if I should have gone for that pink Bardot top…

On to the shoes.

You can’t really see them in this, but again it’s my New Look ballet pumps. I can’t find the exact ones I bought on their website, they were actually from the Teen range as my feet are only a size 2. But these are a similar style in adult sizes.

Black Floral Mesh Ballet Pumps

They are £15.99, I believe the ones I’m wearing were £9.99. Worth a look if you have smaller feet.

Last item that you can’t see in the photos is the earrings I was wearing.




These were from Claire’s Accessories, and are sterling silver. Which is perfect as I react badly to just about anything else. I do have a weakness for cat motif items.

Only problem with this outfit?

I kept losing my hat..


7 thoughts on “OOTD: Feeling oh so chic

  1. Very classy! The skirt and the top are great together 😉

    I think once giving birth, etc is out of the way I may go and treat myself and get something a little more glam like this outfit. I have very little fashion sense and never bother much with clothes, but always notice good outfits on other people that suit them 😉

  2. Very chic! You look like a European movie star in this outfit.
    I say go buy all the colors you like of that top! I have totally done that before. I find a top I love and I will buy it in every color, and sometimes I will get 2 in the same color (I wear black and purple a LOT) That way when one of them wears out, I still have another to wear.

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