MoG’s May Wishlist

There’s a few items I’ve spotted this month that I really love, some of them I might treat myself to, some of them I shall just admire from afar.

Necklaces from Snixy Swoons
Snixy Swoons Necklaces

(Clockwise from top left)
1. Large Pineapple Necklace from Snixy Swoons £22.50
2. Small moth necklace from Snixy Swoons £8.00
3. Braiiiiins Jars Necklace from Snixy Swoons £12.00
4. Small Strawberry Necklace from Snixy Swoons £8.00

Tescos F&F
Tescos F&F

Indigo Knee Length Denim Shorts by F&F at Tescos £14.00

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