Help me choose a Lindy Bop dress

I’ve been given a voucher for a Lindy Bop dress from my wonderful dad, but now I just cannot decide, and so I’ve decided to throw it out to the vote.

These are all just too beautiful!

Number One 

‘Audrey’ Stunning Vintage Inspired Wild Garden Print Swing Dress

Number Two

‘Nora’ Vintage 50’s Style Oriental Lily Inspired Print Swing Dress

 Number Three 

‘Cindy’ Classy Yet Sassy Coffee Polka Dot Print Vintage 50’s Party Dress

Number Four

‘Daria’ Curiously Cute Heart Locket Print 50’s Swing Dress

Number Five

‘Audrey’ Vintage 1950’s Rock N Roll Cocktail Glass Print Swing Jive Dress

Number Six

Ola’ Vintage Inspired 1950’s Hawaiian Floral Sarong Style Wiggle Dress

In case it helps narrow down what would suit me, these are some of my favourite dresses that I currently own.

If you own any of the ones I’m choosing between I’d love to hear what you think of them or see them on you!


PS. Lindy Bop if you are reading this, sending me samples to review would totally save me the agony of my indecision.

Disclaimer: I am a contrary pain in the arse and may well choose a different one to the one chosen by the poll

4 thoughts on “Help me choose a Lindy Bop dress

  1. Ok so I totally voted based on which one was *my* favorite. I figured since you like all of them that it was safe to go that way. I love #4. That blue, the neckline…*sigh* it’s gorgeous. However, I can also totally see numbers 2 and 3 as perfect for your style.
    This is hard! 🙁
    4 is because it’s my own preference (and it would also look super cute on you)
    2 is because the neckline is pretty and the print is deliciously obnoxious in the best possible way
    3 because it looks very retro and I can see you wearing it with your black lace parasol and a big black hat

    I will say that number 6 is pretty, but for some reason almost seems too….sedate? for you? I’m not sure, I guess it just isn’t as much fun as what you usually wear.

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