Curvy Convention and Simply Be

On Saturday I took a trip into London for the Curvy Convention, while it’s not far to go, it still makes me quite anxious as I worry about my back/hips/whichever joint playing up and making it too painful to carry on. I was travelling alone as Mr MoG had tonsilitis, and it was the first time I’d be meeting any of the other bloggers. To say I was nervous would be an understatement.

I was feeling a bit frazzled that morning as my overnight set of curls hadn’t worked and I’d spent the morning rushing around after the two mini-MoGs. On the plus side my gorgeous Lindy Bop dress had arrived just in time.

It didn’t take long for me to feel much better though, once I started meeting all the wonderful bloggers. I don’t think I’ve ever been somewhere so filled with friendly, supportive and gorgeous plus size women. And so many beautiful clothes in one room! By favourites had to be the fantastic Nicky Rockets stall and the glamourous Voodoo Vixen stall. The former was even more exciting for getting to meet the gorgeous and lovely Betty Pamper!

I’m wearing a beautiful dress by Lindy Bop – review to follow

I also got to meet the absolutely flawless Georgina of She Might Be Loved.

However you can read loads about Curvy Convention on other blogs, the bit of the day I want to talk about is what we all got up to afterwards.

A whole load of us headed over to Simply Be on Oxford Street where we were spoilt rotten.

I had a wonderful time with this amazing group of women

We got to try on so many beautiful clothes, and were lucky enough to have the incredibly talented Chloe helping us pick out things to try.

I’d told Chloe that normally I avoid colours like orange and yellow, instead playing it safe with black and jewel tones, so she went zooming around the store picking up all kinds of items that I wouldn’t normally have even dreamed of trying on. I’m glad she did, because she’s opened my eyes to a whole load of new possibilities.

I liked the print on this dress (no longer on their website) and it looked really good on the hanger, but it was unflattering on. The material felt rigid and rather than having a neat tailored look it just bunched up, especially side on. This was the most flattering angle for it, and as you can see it was doing weird things with the bodice.

Now on to my favourites..

The photos of this dress actually don’t do it credit, the colour was amazing and the cut was perfect. The thing I liked best about it was how it moved, even the slightest movement sent those wonderful pleats swaying and swishing. You couldn’t help but feel glamorous in this one!

Let’s face it, this dress was just made for me! It’s the perfect length and fit, and black and white polka dot? Oh yes please! It felt like good quality too, could imagine many different ways of accessorising this one.

My runaway favourite of the day though was this amazing kimono! I’d always assumed they wouldn’t flatter me, but I’m a total convert now. It made me feel so fabulous with it on, I loved everything about it. The colour, the pattern, the cut of it. Just perfect.

The shorts looked better on the hanger than on me sadly, they were just a bit too long for my taste, I had to roll them up for this photo.

It was a fantastic day and I cannot wait to see all these wonderful women again!


2 thoughts on “Curvy Convention and Simply Be

  1. You looked amazing in everything you tried on at Simply Be, and it was so great to get to meet you….. my height twin! xxxx

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