This Saturday just gone I ventured into a wonderland of natural beauty filled with fantasy creatures and colour.

Well, maybe not the fantasy creatures.. more people wearing fairy wings and glitter. But some absolutely incredible natural beauty and colour!

Come Away With The Faeries Festival was an event, put on by the Funky Festival Company, and held in the gorgeous surroundings of Capel Manor in Enfield.

It’s a family friendly festival, with a fairy theme. What more could I want? Entertainment for my kids, lots to appeal to my Pagan side and a chance to get all dressed up!

The icing on the cake was definitely the location, it was just perfect. If you haven’t been to Capel Manor Gardens then you really must, even without the Faery Festival it’s easy to believe you’ve stepped into another world.

I’m going to write about what I saw there, but there was so much going on I imagine I still missed a great deal.

Once inside the grounds you were greeted by riots of colour in the form of massive paper flowers and streamers, I’m ashamed I didn’t get more photos but I was a bit too engrossed in enjoying my children’s delight as we walked in. It was a wonderful way of building excitement in the smaller children, encouraging them to follow the faery arrows and streamers.

You walked past the award winning show gardens from Chelsea and Hampton Court to reach the field where the festival was being held.

I have to admit, I actually wasn’t expecting much, but I was very happy to see that there was loads to look at and do.

There were loads and loads of stalls selling all sorts, beautiful jewellery, children’s toys, plants and (of course) fairy wings.

There were two stages with performances throughout the day, I particularly liked the decoration around the Shroom Stage

And you could enjoy the performances from the most comfortable seats you could ever hope for. I need to go to more festivals with sofas!

The children look so much less impressed than my husband and his mother!

Aside from the stages, there was a Circus area (Where you could watch performances or even learn some circus skills yourself!), a story area for the children, a faery garden with activities like childrens’ yoga and drumming, and a variety of craft areas.

I was very impressed with the craft areas, all the crafts were totally free and children could paint signs, create fairy wands or worry dolls, or even make fascinators! My son was a bit overwhelmed by all of it, so could only be persuaded to do some painting, but had lots of fun getting glitter everywhere.

He was much more impressed by the drumming circle though, as was my daughter. Even my husband joined in!

After that we went for a little wander through the gardens. My husband was lucky enough to do his training at Capel Manor, so was keen to show us some of his favourite areas, especially the ones he’d most enjoyed working in.

First up was the beautiful walled garden.

I was absolutely in awe of this one, and could have happily spent the whole day in this one area alone. Just look at all this beautiful lavender!

Walking through this wisteria covered arch was wonderful and cool in the heat.

And this view!

Then we ventured into the greenhouse with the cactus, though not for long, as the heat in there was more than we could stand!

We decided to cool down by heading over to the lake.

So of course I had to get a photo!

There were so many incredible sights, so many beautiful plants that I gave up trying to photograph all of the prettiest sights as I’d never have left.

It wasn’t just the beauty I was impressed by, we came across this accessible garden, designed so that it could be maintained by a disabled gardener!

It was still stunning and relaxing, very style focussed but practical too.

There were also lots of photo opportunities, though with two small children tagging along I didn’t get a chance to take advantage of too many of them. I grabbed a couple though.

The dress is, of course, the Lindy Bop Audrey in the Wild Garden print, because it was just too perfect not to wear! I slightly regret wearing a petticoat with it in that heat, but it did look good!

We eventually tore ourselves away from the gardens to go back to the Festival, and decided to wander in to the cool of the Faery Queen Trail. Where I ran in to Sophie, who was lovely and looked amazing in her sequinned Evans top.

The decorations on the way to the Faery Queen were brilliant!

It was so much fun, I’m definitely back next year, I think we need to organise a group outing!

For now I leave you with one of my highlights of the day…


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