Blogger challenge: #BlogEveryDayJune

The wonderful Lisa from My Big Fat Blog has proposed a challenge of blogging every day in June, and I thought it might be good motivation, and should be interesting.

The list she’s working to is this one here..

I’m going to mostly go by my own, but may well take some ideas from here. If there is anything in particular you want me to write about/draw/wear let me know! I’m keen on being challenged this month.

Got some fantastic artwork (if I do say so myself) I can’t wait to share with you, and a few more serious posts all ready and waiting to go, and one post about my biggest sewing project! Bet you didn’t know I could sew did you? I’m just too multi-talented!

So watch this space, prod me if I’m quiet and feel free to suggest things for me to do!

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Also, do go and check out the other wonderful women taking part, can’t wait to see what they do this month.

Daisy – I Will Not Wrap Myself In Smocks And Apologies
Charley – Big Girl About Town
Sarah – Plus Size & Proud
Tukru – Kissakerho
Lauren – Cupcake Thighs
Kelly – Adventures of a Riot Grrrl
Nikki – Natty Nikki

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