16 in ’16

The wonderful Sophie had a fantastic idea to come up with 16 goals for 2016, in her own words.

The concept of 16 in ’16 is simple; an opportunity to sit down, reflect on the past year and think about what things we did well, what things we’d like to do better in the future and, more importantly, what things we’d like to achieve in the coming twelve months.

I think this is a lovely idea, and beats New Years Resolutions, so I’ve had a long think, and come up with this list.

I’m trying to keep the goals fairly small, so that I’m not setting myself up to fail. With my chronic pain and depression it’s often best to approach things this way, in fact, let’s start with that.

I’m going to aim for the achievable

Big goals are great, but often lead to disappointment when they run into any delays or problems. This is especially a problem when my chronic pain has a tendency to complicate matters, and my depression means I have a tendency to focus on what I didn’t do, couldn’t do, or just haven’t done to my own high standards. So for the sake of my mental health I’m going to try and aim for achievements that are in reach.

To talk to my doctor more

I see my doctor a lot already, but I tend to just focus on pre-existing conditions, instead of mentioning new problems. I’m worried I sound like a hypochondriac constantly turning up with new complaints, but I need to talk to her or she can’t help. For example, I’ve been limping around with a hugely swollen and painful ankle since November, I really should go get it checked out. My doctor is lovely and understanding, and I shouldn’t be so scared of telling her when I’m struggling with some new pain.

Meet up with other bloggers

Some of the biggest highlights of 2015 for me have been meeting up with other bloggers. So I’m determined to see them all again, and there’s a whole load I’m hoping to meet for the first time.

To get my blog organised

I really want to devote some time to the blog, it brings me so much joy, but I’ve been so demotivated lately.

Reorganise the bedroom

We moved in almost two years ago, just a couple of months after my daughter came out of SCBU. The house was in need of a fair bit of work, so we’ve been gradually working our way through all the work that needs doing, something which has taken a long time due to my disability, our daughter’s health and my husband starting a new business. The one room we haven’t dedicated much time to is our bedroom, focussing instead on the rooms that are more likely to be used by the children. I’ve always wanted a vanity, for as long as I can remember, and my wonderful husband has promised we will find a way to make that happen. So this year I want to make the bedroom in to somewhere I can feel glamorous and relaxed.

Buy a full length mirror

This is related to the previous goal. I realised recently that we only have two mirrors in this house. A full length but inaccessible one. And a very small bathroom mirror (which has never been attached to the wall). Every outfit you see in this blog has been put together without a mirror to check it. While this seems like a goal rooted in vanity, there is another depth to it. One of the things I struggle with is acknowledging my own needs, much less making sure they are met, I fail to “see” me. I’m hoping that by literally seeing myself more, I can somehow also figuratively see myself too.

Continue to draw body positive art

There was never any doubt that this was going to be on my list for 2016, I’ve had so much fun and been inspired by so many people. I’ve already got a list going of plus size inspiration, and I’m not ruling out redrawing previous subjects as new fashions come in during the year.

Start a new weekly blog series

Up until now I’ve held off on a weekly series as it’s a big commitment, but I have one in mind that is perfect for me and my blog. All I’ll say is that it’s going to include new artwork every single week.

Only buy clothes I love

I’m still getting out of the habit of buying clothes that aren’t quite me, I kept buying them because they were things that hid my body, the kind of tat that always gets shoved at plus size women (hello hanky hem) Problem is, I didn’t actually like them, they’d either languish in my wardrobe, or I’d wear them and feel down about myself. I’ve now discovered I don’t have to wear the fat woman uniform that society insists on, and I’m not going to just settle any more.

Make headway on my “To Read” list

So many books I’ve been meaning to read, I really should carry on. I’m especially loving more female centred books at the moment, whether it’s feminist essays, books with female leads, or books by women. So I’m going to try and actively join in the #ReadWomen campaign as started by Joanna Walsh

Work out how to do my eyebrows

Seriously, I’m shit at eyebrows. It’s why I used to shave them off entirely and draw them on.

I will try to raise other women up

I want to put even more effort into promoting the works and words of other women. I would particularly like to give more energy to women of colour and other disabled women. I feel I didn’t do enough this year.

Give my blog a makeover

I keep putting this off because I know that I’m not going to find a theme that does exactly what I want, which means I need to stop being lazy and do some coding again.

Fuck flattering

I want to stop worrying about what makes me look slimmer/more hourglass and just wear things that make me happy. For example the outfit below, doesn’t accentuate my curves, it doesn’t slim me, it just looks fucking excellent. And I felt amazing wearing it. Need more of that in 2016!

Play around with my art more

I love drawing in my signature style, but I’d also like to keep trying new techniques and ideas. I don’t want to stagnate, so I’m also going to seek out new art and artists to inspire and challenge me. I’m thinking of setting up a regular post celebrating other talented artists, so watch this space.


And a serious one to end on. Please be aware this relates to eating disorders/diets.

[trigger warning]

Eat better

This isn’t a diet plan. I have previously struggled with disordered eating, in particular restricting. Recently I’ve found myself lapsing into old habits and “forgetting” to eat, sometimes I genuinely forget, sometimes it’s a bit more deliberate. It’s not through any desire to lose weight, more a return to old habits. I need to not go down that path again. So my promise to myself is to nourish my body, not just emotionally with body positivity, but also literally – with food.

It’s also for this reason I’m going to be a lot more selective in what I read online, I will be putting more effort into creating a safe space where I can continue to heal. So I will be avoiding diet talk, this may mean not following people who I love, which isn’t a decision I make lightly, but I need to look after me.

[/ trigger warning]

So there we go, let’s see how 2016 goes.

Hope you’ll all join me on this journey, and also go see what these other wonderful bloggers are planning to do in 2016.

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